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About Us

Radio54 African PanoramaLIVE as the name suggests, is a Radio station that seeks to serve as the home to all the over 1.3 Billion citizens across the 54 countries that make and shape Africa.

It is the brainchild of one of Zimbabwe”s greatest Radio and Television Broadcasters, Eric Knight popularly known as The General. The station fully subscribes to the African Union”s Agenda 2063 blueprint, to transform Africa into the global economical powerhouse of the future.

Cognisant of the fact that Africa is the youngest continent with a population average age of 25, this dream can only be realised by bringing up media that promote intra Africa relations. Radio54 African PanoramaLIVE yearns to play a leading role in ensuring an integrated, prosperous, peaceful united Africa through the power of Radio and Print media.

We believe that the misconception that Africa is a dark continent is a myth that should be exorcised and the media should be at the forefront of this campaign through the usage of contemporary methods to disseminate information.
The station also serves as a platform to showcase the talents, the successes, the positives and the blessings that Africa’s children are divinely endowed with.

We are a team whose common principles are based on respect, fairness, truth, equality, boldness and love as we believe these virtues are indispensable formulae to resolve the centuries old dogma of African backwardness.

The station provides a platform where all sons and daughters of Africa together with Africa’s friends get a ready made opportunity showcase and exhibit their aspirations and story in their respective genres.

The station shall not discriminate on the grounds of political affiliations, nationality, religion, class, age or sex and shall unwaveringly adhere to Equal Opportunities values although it will not deviate from its Pro- Africanist policies.
Our motto is ‘Africa does not necessarily need the world more than the world needs Africa.’